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--> [ Surface Waves for the NANO to Terahertz Region ] <--

[link] Surface Plasmon and »radiative« Surface Waves for the NANO to Terahertz Region This article describes the work done at the National Institute of Research & Development for Technical Physics in Iaşi, Romania between March 2014 to March 2015 [English]

--> [ Lead-free Ferroelectrics ] <--

[link] The Quest for Pb-free piezoelectrics and ferroelectrics A review on lead-free piezoelectric materials [English]

--> [ Magnetic Nanoparticles ] <--

[link] Understanding magnetic nanoparticles The physics of magnetic nanoparticles including notes from my lab-book [English]

--> [ Logarithmen für alle! ] <--

[link] Logarithmen leicht und verständlich erklärt Die Geschichte und die Geheimnisse der Logarithmen [German]

--> [ The Periodic Table of Elements ] <--

[link] Mendeleevís Periodic Table The magic of russian order in chemistry [English]

--> [ Fresnel Diffraction ] <--

[link] Cornu's Spiral The magic of Fresnel's Diffraction patterns and the History of Cornu's Spiral [English]

--> [ Ferroelectrics ] <--

[link] Introduction What are Ferroelectrics? [English]

--> [ Spintronics ] <--

[link] Introduction Spintronics - the future for computers? [English]

--> [ Nanostructures and Surface Plasmons ] <--

[link] Introduction Nanostructures and Light - is it magic? [English]